The time had come to interfere, clearly. Spock had tolerated it this long for the sake of both not making a scene and because it was a diplomatic mission with a planet considering become part of the Federation.

But even Spock had his limits.

Perula, the high exulted ruler of the planet, had taken an extreme liking to Spock’s captain. And the captain also happened to be Spock’s husband. So seeing Perula’s hands all over Jim for the last several hours had become quite intolerable even for him.  And when she had grabbed Jim’s arm and dragged him toward a private alcove, that had been more than enough.

He straightened from the wall.

“Spock,” Nyota hissed. “Where are you going?”

“After my mate.”

“The mission—”

Spock ignored her and went down the short hall to where Perula had taken his captain.

Sure enough Perula had her arms draped around Jim’s neck. But before Spock could say a word, one of Perula’s soldiers came from the other direction and pulled Jim viciously away from her and held him high up in the air.

“No!” Perula screamed. “Don’t hurt him. He’s—”

“Mine.” Spock moved forward just as the soldier tossed a crumpled Jim to the floor. Before the soldier could once more attack Jim, Spock pinched his neck. He bent down and lifted Jim off the floor and hoisted him over his shoulder.

Perula stared at them, mouth open. “But—

“I apologize, Exulted Ruler, but the negotiations are finished. Captain Kirk is my husband. I am taking him to the Enterprise.”

Spock waited in the medbay for Jim to open his eyes. McCoy had assured him that Jim was not seriously injured, just a bit battered and bruised.

“Hey,” Jim said, softly, wincing. “Ugh. Dude was a brute.”

“Perhaps next time you will think twice about flirting with the ruler of the planet.”

Jim smiled a little. “Well. You didn’t get hurt, did you?”

“No. But I was jealous.”

“You were?”

Spock nodded. “I admit I do not like anyone else touching you.” He let out a long breath. “Even casually. It is a problem.”

Jim reached for his hand and Spock took it, gratefully. “You don’t ever have to worry. I want no one but you. Forever and always.”

Spock closed his eyes and kissed Jim’s hand. “It is the same for me.”

“How long am I stuck here?”



Spock walked over to the wall and pushed a button. Another panel came down doubling the size of the bed. McCoy had shown it to him earlier.

“Do not worry, my Jim. I am going nowhere.”

For this I used her birthday wish and also one of Jamie’s sentences that said “He’s Not Yours, He’s Mine” for inspiration.