Okay, I have been working madly this week and managed to update the following:

Didn’t We Almost Have it All, The Experiment, The Ties That Bind, My Heart’s a Virgin, and All I Ever Wanted. And I am already working on the next chapter of Bitter Frost. WOW! AND the second part of Revealing is up on the Blog.

Hopefully I will continue to be inspired to do so many updates.

Tonight, however, I am going on a date with M out to a restaurant for dinner. I intend to get Bitter Frost up tomorrow. Then I think it’s Hello Darkness and finally Nine Lives, but also The Experiment. Oh and those sexy times for Revealing. HA. So much still to do.

All this and reading a book for entertainment and working at a job and okay I am giving myself a headache.

Here’s another pretty, this time Zach.