The Experiment was updated. Most people got the notification (I did myself) but I know at least one person DID NOT. So just in case.

I discovered I went a little out of order. Should have done Hello Darkness next but oh well. Next week. Since the next chapter of The Experiment will happen at the holidays it needed to be done.

I am working STILL on the Christmas story. No title yet. It’s sex right now so I am procrastinating! Ugh.

Tomorrow I am making cheesecake. Have to go to the grocery store too for some last minute crap for Thanksgiving.

I have a flash ready to go on Friday and I also wrote next Friday’s flash, so I am very much ahead there.

Went for a walk this morning and it was so beautiful out. Perfect weather.

Park by my house

IMG_3743    Just flowersIMG_3744.JPG