It’s me again.

At it again.

Yes, last night I thought of a new idea for an angsty Spirk story. I ran the idea by Kris, who was definitely on board with me writing it, but I can’t write it right now. I have too much going on that will prevent it, at least for a little while.

This will be totally off the timeline you see in the movies. It will be more similar to TOS but with the AOS cast, basically, and some elements of the AOS stuff. The entire prologue will take place before they are all on the Enterprise. I anticipate the prologue being kind of longish as I will have a lot to cover in it, but we will see when it sees the light of day.

The thing is we are coming up on the busiest time of year for me for personal time requests from family and friends. This is going to make my writing updates even more erratic.

For example, I have something personal I simply must attend to for September, which puts everything else on hold until it’s done. It’s just the way it has to be. I hope it won’t take me the rest of the month, but it might, consider I am doing the Queen Mary thing at the end of September as well.

Plus I also have the Professor Spock Halloween story to finish. I have started it and got a decent start, I think. It’s probably going to end up a one-shot rather than a multi-chapter fic, but we will see. There’s also the OMS challenge story (TOS) that I have to have ready in November. It won’t be a long story and I have started it at least but it takes a bit for me to find the TOS voice. And of course there is still my Christmas story! I have quite a bit done on that one and the boys are getting very close to a very nice Christmas indeed HA HA.

I’d also like to finish Anything in the not too distant future.

So you see there’s a lot I need to do before starting anything else plus all my regular updates. It felt good to finish What Happened to Spock, although now that it is finished, I can think of things I should have done, addressed, etc. Oh well.

But for now, I am working on me. My personal thing. Once I get through that, I can turn back to writing Spirk/Kock (ha ha).

For now I leave you with a picture