Later in bed, I watched Spock meditate in the little area of our bedroom he preferred to use in the evening. He had a whole room devoted to it in the rest of the apartment, but at night he preferred to meditate near me, to monitor me I supposed. Though I think that had been the case for a while.

His usual meditation room would have to be changed over to Suvoc’s room for the moment anyway.

I had a book in front of me, pretending to read, because I didn’t get much pleasure out of these days. It was difficult to process and concentrate on the words now and I seldom retained the memory of what I read. I don’t think I fooled Spock either. But in the old days, before all this, when he meditated, I would read.

I loved Spock more each day and I had every day since I met him all those years ago in the…back when I met him. A long time ago.