I finally got the update done and posted to Didn’t We Almost Have it All. I was very happy with the response I got to it, too. You never quite know if people are still reading your work, especially if you haven’t updated it in a while and though it had been updated in January, you just don’t know how many readers you’ve lost. But people are still following it and that makes me happy.

Friday will be the continuation of the 100 word thing I am doing. I am having fun with that. It’s certainly making the story take longer just because I have to keep it to 100 words at a time.

I decided to post All I Ever Wanted on AO3 and so with that I took it down from here. I was torn about it honestly because I knew it wouldn’t be that popular on there (older characters, yet another wip from me, etc) but I wanted more to read it then the three or four that were reading it here.

I’m working on finishing Turning Page now and hope to have it updated today or tomorrow. Once that is up I will be turning to the next chapter of You are the Light That’s Leading Me, but I think it will probably not go up until next week. I think I am giving myself permission to take the weekends off from writing/posting for a bit.