So I was watching The Original Series and saw the episode Operation Annihilate. If you don’t know that’s the famous episode where Spock goes blind (briefly).

opanIt is also the episode with Deneva (pronounced in the show as Den-A-Vah, not De-NEE-Vah, which is how I would have preferred it was pronounced, lol). This is where Jim’s brother, Sam, (Shatner in a mustache) dies as well as his wife, Aurelan. Peter, Jim’s nephew survives.

By the way, we are pretty sure we know this building complex in LA. We think it’s one of the colleges. Looks super familiar to us.


Anyway the point of this is it had me thinking about returning to the Life You Are Given. I’m not sure exactly when I will but I will get to it.

My Peter Kirk does not look like this:


Or even this:

aoscjWho does not even have blue eyes, by the way. What the hell is wrong with casting? They can’t find a child actor with blue fucking eyes?

But he does look like this: